An advanced 360-degree cap that comes in one size, yet can fit 10 different heads

Yupoong never rests on its laurels as a pioneer of headwear, and by developing the Adjustable 110 hat, it has shown that its portfolio of innovation just keeps on growing.

Prounounced ‘one ten’, this offering builds on the simple yet stunning Classics Adjustable, and introduces Yupoong-patented technology to take it a little further. Coming in just one size, the cap’s features are designed to achieve the maximum in style and snugness.

In many ways, this is the perfect “fitted” cap, with a level of superior comfort that cannot be matched. You can choose from a variety of shapes, along with excellent features like performance fabrics, various closure options at the back, a moisture-wicking sweatband and the patented Permacurve peak.

As the hallmark in one-size-fits-all headwear, the 110 is equipped with 360-degree stretch technology, and can fit any head size confortably and securely. You don’t even have to go to the trouble of adjusting the strap yourself. It’s the perfect hybrid of established style and advanced technology, engineered to be long-lasting and maintain its shape.

As with all our caps, the 110 is made from internationally approved components.

The Flexfit 110 cap is an innovative headwear item engineered to fit 10 head sizes. From small to large heads, Flexfit technology will make sure that the cap fits, is comfortable to wear all day and stays on the head even during vigorous exercise.

Innovative 360 technology means that the cap fits on all head sizes without the wearer needing to make adjustments.

The Flexfit 110 cap is designed to look good and be practical. You can customise your Flexfit cap with several options. Caps are available in a variety of colours – choose a one-colour cap or the striking two-tone option with contrasting visor colour. There are several back closure options available.

Choose a flat or curved visor. Permacurv technology makes sure that the visor keeps its shape no matter how matter how many times you bend or adjust it, allowing for complete flexibility.

The 110 cap is designed to keep you cool and dry all day with its moisture-absorbing elastic sweatband. It is a high quality and performance cap that is built to last. All materials used in its manufacture exceed international standards to make sure that every cap is manufactured without harming the environment. No toxic substances are used in the manufacturing process, nor in the materials of the cap.

The Flexfit 110 cap is a great piece of headwear, with its stylish looks appealing to people of all ages, male and female. These caps are worn by city dwellers as well as lovers of remote rural environments.

Businesses can brand Flexfit 110 caps with their own brand logos to make them unique. They can be given away as quality promotional gifts or sold.

If you want a cap that looks good, is sturdy and incorporates Flexfit innovative technology, make the Flexfit 110 cap your choice.